With crispy edge and
mouth-watering topping

The snacks and house wine are on us!
In July every friday from 16 to 17

No great story has
ever started with a salad



About us

Ristorante Flavore is a tribute to Italian traditions and flavours. We take our guests on a culinary journey through Italy, with a selection of authentic food culture presented in a modern key. The contemporary milieu of the Tulemaja (Fire House) opens the ristorante’s atmosphere, allowing overwhelming sociability, the loud merging of tastes and opinions, the passion of the Chef and mostly the daily possibility to eat delicious Italian food made from high-quality ingredients.

Chef de Cuisine story

Chef de Cuisine Domenico Nicolino has been gaining a culinary experience at top quality kitchens in several countries across the globe. Heading from Piedmont in Italy, he’s journey has taken him from an humble beginning as a chef at a local restaurant to working for luxury hotels and Michelin star chefs.

He has a strong passion for hospitality and culinary industry and high appreciation of different cuisines from around the world.

What does Flavore mean?

You can’t find the word “flavore” in any language. It is inspired from the English word flavour (taste) with a touch of Italian to get the typical sound. The true meaning of the word opens when you enter our ristorante!