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We offer delicious Italian food! We are open for on-site dining

Mon – Sat 11.30 – 22.00

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We offer delicious pizzas, pastas and salads!
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Ristorante Flavore was added to the White Guide 2021 restaurant guide list



About us

Ristorante Flavore is a tribute to Italian traditions and flavours. We take our guests on a culinary journey through Italy, with a selection of authentic food culture presented in a modern key. The contemporary milieu of the Tulemaja (Fire House) opens the ristorante’s atmosphere, allowing overwhelming sociability, the loud merging of tastes and opinions, the passion of the Chef and mostly the daily possibility to eat delicious Italian food made from high-quality ingredients.

Ristorante Flavore is on the prestigious White Guide list of the best Nordic restaurants

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What does Flavore mean?

You can’t find the word “flavore” in any language. It is inspired from the English word flavour (taste) with a touch of Italian to get the typical sound. The true meaning of the word opens when you enter our ristorante!

White Guide 2021

Ristorante Flavore, which represents Italian cuisine, was selected on the White Guide 2021 restaurant list, which highlights the best places to eat in Estonia. The restaurant, which opened in 2019 and has been recognised previously, earned a very good review as assessed by the jury. White Guide is the leading Nordic guide in the catering world. The quality system, which began in Sweden in 2005, has since been extended to Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Estonia.

During the year, the White Guide team visits hundreds of different restaurants anonymously and ranks them at the end of each year according to food quality, service, innovative approaches and overall atmosphere. Depending on the number of points received, the restaurants are divided into categories. You are welcome to visit us!